Recruiting Periods

608 (Town of Gawler) Squadron Recruiting Periods

Recruiting Times:

In line with current National AAFC and 6WG policy the squadron will conduct two recruiting periods per year, during which we will begin training those new cadets who have had their enrolments  completed from children who are thirteen or about to turn thirteen.

The first period will run from the beginning of February to the ANZAC week in April.
The second period will run from the last fortnight of July to the end of October

We are more than happy for children and their parents to come in at any stage during the year regardless of the recruiting cycle to have a look around, observe what we do and fill out the required enlistment paperwork.

We will then contact you thirty days out from the next cycle to get you started on your way to your Australian Air Force Cadet career.

A child that is 12.5 years of age may fill out the enrollment forms and visit the squadron periodically. On turning thirteen you will be advised when to come in and have your enrollment activated and your cadet number issued to you.

If any child or parent strongly feels that they need to join outside of the two periods listed; please arrange to have an interview with the Commanding Officer to see if we can accommodate your needs.