Squadron Fees


This covers administration costs and first term fees for each new cadet.

TERM FEES:     $35.00

These are to be paid at the beginning of each term or may be paid weekly by arrangement.


Every activity attracts a nominal fee as stated to cover costs not supported by the AAFC/RAAF.

BIVOUAC FEES:     $5.00

Every field or external bivouac/activity supported by the RAAF is charged at a lower rate to cover incidental costs borne by the squadron.

DINING IN NIGHTS:     $20-25.00

Where possible we try and have these funded by the RAAF. However at times this is not possible and we all have to pay.

These will only occur once a year and are normally held at the Gawler RSL.

OTHER FEES:     As Required.

From time to time there will be activities/events that we will undertake outside of the usual training regime. These may attract costs outside of the normal fees. Examples would be entrance into museums or special trips etc.

We will provide parents/caregivers ample notice before any event to allow you time to meet these costs. So far they have rarely been above $40.00 and normally only once a year. 



Our parent organisation; the RAAF and our organisation, the Australian Air Force Cadets are allocated funding via the Defence Department to maintain and operate the AAFC. However, as with all government departments. there is a limit and it applies to us as much as any other organisation. Day to day running costs and minor works etc are the responsibility of the individual units. Therefore there is a need to charge fees to cover these costs over and above what Defence will provide. The WING; our direct reporting body also applies a quarterly levy against every cadet at the squadron which we deduct from your term fees.

Where possible we try and keep fees to an absolute minimum as we understand that money is tight and there is only so much to go around. Compared to many other organisations and sports our costs are very competitive and reasonable. Should you need to discuss anything to do with fees please contact the admino via this website or approach us in person on any Friday night during the training year.